Friday, 12 August 2011

Time Bomb

History. What is it? I wasn’t there!

Moving to London in the early 80s I contrived to miss graff’s heyday because (a) I cycled everywhere and (b) I couldn’t stand hip hop. Some things never change. Today on my ride home, a chance encounter with a door ajar allowed a glimpse into a hidden time capsule of ancient tags from some home grown legends.

Tox Cut Myth Camo

Let's play a game popular on flickr called Guess Where London. Show you know your history, tell us the name of the location where these photos were taken. No prizes.

Tox Cut Myth Camo

Sadly, clip clop cycling shoes and an unlocked bike outside meant I couldn't explore further. Booo. Still, we love clandestine photo missions and when they are also impromptu - even better. I think I have seen this particular stairwell on a youtube clip somewhere, or is it in a book, I couldn’t find it – anyone know?

Tox Cut Myth Merks


Delete said...

That door was open all day, couldn't stop and couldn't believe I missed the chance to go in and take some snaps.

NoLions said...

yeah, next day I saw it was locked again..sigh.

GWL nabbed by Bravo - of course.

Anonymous said...

Cant tell without pluging in my other drive but if if its via the cleaning services door, you should have gone down to track level, there are older ones down there. Is it?

NoLions said...

thats the place. I knew from other flicks that it went down but like I said, my shoes had cleats and I had a bike I coudn't leave.... haven't seen it open since.

Papsy said...

It's very rarely left open, usually someone down there... usually me... ;)

Anonymous said...

lol that cleaning services door is such a landmark, i only knew for sure it was that one because of tox's o3 as its plastered backwards on the glass. Welldone for getting a look in :)