Monday, 13 August 2007

Sickboy. . .

Still not entirely sure what the Temple resembles (I'm off to read his new website where I may or may not find out)

However and whatever, as per usual, I care not for explanation, reason, cause or anything like it.

It just looks the chuffin nuts :o) The Colab with Sweet Toof and Cyclops recently are hopefully the first of many. Lots of lush stuff to come from them all if they do or not either way. Long may it continue...every damn where!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Cept Hits Sclatter Street. . .With a vengance!

Fairly hot on the heels of the new Eine going up (it may have even been at the same time) This new piece by Cept went up on his fave spot in East London. Am gutted that I haven't documented the spot better than I have as there has been some amazing stuff over the years.

So for now, you just have to make do with the ones I have!

This one was particularly interesting and cool, changed from the FULL colour version above, to the erased version below.

The Message where "Dont believe the type" is said "One day a real rain will come. . . " followed by this at the other end. . . .

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Stef Launches a new print. .

And my first mention of him on here. This lad is definitely going places. Will be good to see his stuff on the streets too one day.

"Rush Hour"
Prints are pre released today and due to be sent out end of next week at the bargain price of £50. Stef's previous stuff has all sold out quickly, and some have fetched £400+ prices on Ebay!

Monday, 6 August 2007

More from Mr Neate

Blown away. . .and I still havent been to see it in the flesh. Am scared I'll be speechless afterwards so I'll post these up now!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Eine - Scary

Scary is how quickly he finished it. . . it was all still outlines yesterday afternoon. This quote from the man himself ( from )

"So 3 weeks ago i started a new painting and finally after more problems then i care to share its done, all morning climbing up and down ladders using a bin bag of spray cans, normally once i got the photo's job done, but now i have this thing. Sit in front of a computer joining photo's together, merging layers, changing contrast, image size this, save that, crop, image this, crop and size Ahhhhh.The thing is when i read the emails from people all over the world who have visited my site it makes it easier to do with blisters and a backache "

View Eine's own pics of his street stuff here (Scary is on page 2)

Friday, 3 August 2007

Adam Neate

I really cant wait to see this show in the flesh. The stories have already been told far and wide of how ridiculous the buy to sell market is flooding the street art (call it what you want) market. Where will it all end? (and I really stopped caring for being mad about chasing the next big print a long long time ago (when the price rose above £250 a pop - but it's a phase a lot of us have all gone through)

All we will really know is that the real up turn in all of this didn't start with Banksy anymore. . .Mr Neate is pissing all over him from a great height.
So in honour of him, and by rather bizarre coincidence (posted spot on at 2am) I hadn't seen this print until searching for it now but knew the title and decided to come and post something about the show. I searched and found Elms Lesters - the gallery where it's at

And found this :

2am BLOG


A one man show by ADAM NEATE

Featuring original paintings, an exclusive collection of original handthrown stoneware and porcelain ceramics made in collaboration with critically acclaimed British studio-potter DAN KELLY and new limited edition prints. **WHICH SOLD OUT YESTERDAY....DOH!**

The second element of the exhibition, 'POTS', is the result of months of collaboration between Adam and Internationally renown British potter, DAN KELLY.

August 3rd - 25th 2007

Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm

Thursdays 'til 9pm

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Banksy vs Warhol exhibition

Have been waiting ages for this, and thankfully I won't have to wait too much longer.

10 August - 1 September 2007

A face to face show of classic drawings and paintings by Andy Warhol set against the infamous graffiti work of Banksy.

Campbell’s or Tesco? Grace Kelly, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth, The Beatles, Smiley Man police statue, Andy Warhol himself and others make for a potent cocktail of celebrity, satire and voyeurism.

The Gallery at The Hospital, Endell Street, London WC2. Admission is free.

Friday, 27 July 2007

CopyRight - Signs of the Times. . .

Cant beleive it's taken me this long in to mention my fave street splasher (and boy does he splash!) He has a new print out soon to go with his new batch of amended street signs.

Check out his pics @

Or his website @

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Update on Shit Shutter. . .

It's getting no better. Have been told it is occupied by squatters and they are using it as a "street window gallery". . . This'll go on and on. Word also has it that a certain Pink Fiend may have an itchy painting finger :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Jef Rocks My Aer (o) Sol

Have known the name for a while, but never properly checked out Jef until his recent bout of paste ups. Amazingly simple and simply amazing . . . .(pass me the sick bag after that large dose of cheese please stewardess)

Monday, 23 July 2007

Piss Holes in the Snow. . .

Well, on Old Street for now at least. I first saw these things in Amsterdam about 5 or 6 years ago, they rolled them out "for ze tourishts at ze veekend" and then rolled away and things back to relative normality (In Dam at least) for Monday morning.

So just outside the Police station (at least I believe it is?) on Old Street this afternoon, I am not sure if this is to be a permanent installation, but a few people have already been spotted using it.
Quite frankly, yes, fair game when I'm lashed on a Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun and couldn't give a flying chuff...but the opportunity for billy big bollocks to piss inches away from me walking past casually eating my Subway meatball £1.99 sub of the day? Fuck that shit !

Sunday, 22 July 2007

New Eine Website

I do actually manage to talk about other artists in between thankfully, but I cant get enough of Eine (in case you hadn't already noticed)

A long overdue website has just gone up for him. Not too much that hasnt been seen before, but hopefully a good place that he will update with his stuff going on now. Yummy.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Found Was Friggin Fabulous

Last nights "Found" show at The Leonard Street Gallery was simply amazing. mentioned earlier last week it featured scores of artists, most of whom had produced new versions of old stuff specially for the show, and also included older (and more expensive mostly) pieces from the likes of Obey and Nick Walker amongst others.


It is running for an undisclosed amount of time, and they will be switiching the items on show around, I think the stuff they have waiting in the wings could fill the place out all over again, so will be a whole different expereince in a couple of weeks.

Sweet Toof

It was hosted with the usual effortless charm of the gallery's staff (I'm sure the women are getting more attractive. . . or is it the extremely strong vodka cocktails they serve up) Either way, both were plentiful.


Elbow Toe

To contact the gallery, visit

Monday, 16 July 2007

If at first you don't Faile, Faile and Faile again. . .

Faile have always been masters of utilising the same spot when they hit up around East London (and Everywhere for that matter) so it's always nice that for the most part their stuff stays intact in readiness for when they next pay us a visit. So it saddens me when a good spot goes like this one did recently

So it annoyed me when I saw this at the weekend, and then to have the cheek to leave a note! Dickheads!

I sincerely hope the next time I pass it has been well and truly spanked!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

It's a mini Eine Assault.....

That's actually not that mini any more :)

Shutters going up left right and centre (at the rate of about 2 a week I think, and thats just what I'm seeing) and so soon after the impressive Vandal piece comes......the amazing "SC"

To be updated least I am hoping he does :)

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Asbestos Site Update

This happend just over a week ago now, but as on the ball as ever follows my update ;)

The amazing, the wonderful...... Asbestos

Friday, 13 July 2007

The Meaning of Graffoto According To Me. . .

This site/blog is called GRAF FOTO (but all joined up for slickness) I thought it was time to add some more plain and simple FOTOS.......GRAF has pretty much consumed my life for almost 2 years now, and whilst I will always love it for how much it has re-opened my eyes to imagery again...I really do need to take pics of other stuff!
I always endeavour to use my OWN pictures as posted mainly on the Flickr website but wherever I use others, I always try to check it's o.k with them, and will always offer readers (who am I kidding....readers!?!) a link to other people's work. Everything here in this post (and 95% of others) however, is 100% mine.
Crapski central! :o)

Have always been more into candid shots of street life anyway, so its not all that far removed at the end of the day, but walls hold their pose for a little bit longer. Just out of practice of taking people.