Friday, 22 August 2008

Cans Recycled - First Peek

Off the back of a bogus tip off on one of the more decidely dodgy streetart forums this morning, myself and nolions hot footed over the Lower Marsh for a "Banksy print release"...... no surprise that it turned out to be complete and utter bollocks, we at least got a sneaky peak over the barriers and can share these exclusive pictures with you

So clear presence from Part2ism, the on of the long shot of the tunnel looks like a Cept on the orange background from what I could see, but lets wait and see!
EDIT: Here ya go HAN, a few more of my snaps
Inkie, Sickboy + Zosen, ATG Crew, M-City
Such a beautiful word:


Cans Festival proved to be something Graffoto had to devote far more than this post to, here is the full set of related posts:

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NoLionsInEngland said...

hey mate - I wouldn't dignify those scab faced cunts with the honour of a mention on your blog

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiiice. It's your blog too, likes I keep tellin' ya!